Software Developer

Honeybadger Industries
$124,500 USD yearly
Honeybadger is seeking a talented software developer to join our remote team as a full-time employee or full- or part-time contractor. As a member of our team, you will work on developing and implementing new features for our exceptional monitoring solution that serves the needs of web developers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with a small, tight-knit team of experienced developers and help shape the future of our company.

 Our ideal candidate is an experienced developer with a strong background in Ruby on Rails and Linux. If you also have experience with JavaScript (think Stimulus, not React), PHP/Laravel, Elixir/Phoenix, Python/Django, or Go, that would be a plus. We're more interested in candidates who have the desire to learn new things and be a generalist than those that want to stick with just one technology. That said, our current stack is a monolithic Rails app backed (primarily) by PostgreSQL, running in AWS on Linux, with a fair number of AWS services (like Lambda and DynamoDB) also in the mix. Your typical workday could include making progress on a larger feature/project or implementing a feature request in our Rails app, updating one of our open-source libraries, reworking/refactoring code for scaling needs, building automation code, etc.

 In addition to development experience, we also require that you have experience with and an interest in managing the systems that run the code that you'll be writing. You should feel comfortable with configuring and maintaining Linux servers, networks, databases, and AWS services, using tools like Ansible, Terraform, and CloudFormation. You will (eventually) be part of our weekly on-call rotation (managed by PagerDuty), so you need to be confident that you can fix things in production when they break. Pager incidents are rare — due to the huge investment we've made in monitoring and automation — but they do happen, so we take turns being the first responder, and we're all willing to chip in to help when things are on fire.

 The third job responsibility of this role is providing customer support. Once you are up to speed, you will provide customer support on a weekly rotation. Support happens almost exclusively via email, with the occasional phone call. It won't take all day every day of your rotation, but we do get enough requests that we've found it helps to have one person doing triage, so everyone doesn't have to have that distraction all of the time. During your support weeks, you'll have time to keep working on development projects, pick up random backlog items, pay down some technical debt, try code experiments, etc.

 You must be able to work remotely. You can be located anywhere, but your working hours must have some overlap with the US/Pacific timezone (UTC-7/UTC-8).

 At Honeybadger, we offer a laid-back work environment with no deadlines and no public roadmaps. We don't have investors to please or marketing deadlines to hit. We are passionate about writing great code, building resilient systems, providing awesome customer service, and supporting each other while having fun along the way. We believe in giving our team members the flexibility to work in a way that suits them best. Read more about our work environment [here](/careers#how-we-work).

 For full-time, salaried employees based in the US, you'll enjoy unlimited vacation time, fully-paid health insurance for you and your dependents, a 401k with a 4% match, and a 4-day workweek. For full-time employees outside of the US, we'll work with you to provide comparable benefits. The annual salary for this position is $124,500.

 For part-time contractors, we ask for two days a week, and we are very prompt at paying invoices. :)

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