Senior Software Engineer - Ruby Rails Hotwire

About the Company
Minutebook is building a new platform at the intersection of legal tech, fintech, and the startup ecosystem. Led by technical founders with experience building and selling multiple successful software companies, this company is looking for team members who want to help shape the technology & culture of Minutebook. We are looking for early employees with a passion for execution quality and speed.

We're building with Rails 7, Hotwire, Buildkite, Logrocket, Segment.io, View Components, Lookbook, System tests, and a majestic monolith. We thought about using React, GraphQL, Appolo, Typescript, and 72 microservices... haha just kidding we didn't.

Our tool keeps all of the stakeholders involved in company building (founders, employees, investors, lawyers, and accountants) on the same page. We strive to increase the inclusiveness and transparency of equity ownership by bringing more people into the venture ecosystem.

We are a remote-first company, although some of us like to get together to cook, eat, climb mountains, ski, hike, and connect in person doing things that we are passionate about. This is an opportunity to get into a company at its earliest stage and work with (and learn alongside) a successful, driven, and proven team that will treat you as a fellow owner (not as an employee) and expect the same in return.

Our founders have launched companies that today move more than $60 billion dollars a year in online payments, virtual healthcare platforms serving millions of Canadians, brewery & winery software that tracks millions of liters of tasty beverages, and have represented clients in tens of billions of dollars worth of software company sales. We are building this platform to scratch our own itch and help the next generation of company builders focus on what matters.

About the Role
You will be responsible for the full-stack development of our product. Working alongside a talented team of technical founders, this role is ideal for someone who wants to know that they can move the needle with their work and help us create a product that we are all proud of. Everyone in our company from design to the CEO puts up PRs.

You will have a passion for everything from writing server-side web application logic in Ruby, around the framework Rails, developing the back-end components, to taking ownership of your work through the Front End. (Using cool, fast, frontend tools like Hotwire/Stimulus/Turbo! So you can still do it the rails way… IYKYK..) You will connect the application with the other web services, and support the front-end by integrating your work and other team members’ work with the application.

We believe in having engineers who can meet with product owners & customers to develop a deep understanding of their needs & the job to be done so they can rapidly prototype solutions in HTML/CSS/JS/Ruby and iterate on problems. We are not a “product management -> designers -> throw Photoshop designs over the wall” for the ticket-factory-hamster wheel to build.

Above all, the position requires excellent problem-solving skills paired with a drive and discipline to build an outstanding product. We are looking for a person that has seen a product cycle several times and understands the different roles involved in building an exceptional product.

Our tech stack:
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis
  • Hotwire, Tubo, ViewComponents
  • Buildkite and AWS
  • You are an expert in Full Stack Rails. (Ruby, RoR, Stimulus, Hotwire)
  • Experience working with e-commerce, payment processing, and/or marketplaces is a bonus
  • AWS, Terraform, Redis, and/or PostgreSQL are nice to have as well
You will:
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code
  • Design robust, scalable, and secure features
  • Contribute to all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Follow best practices (test-driven development, continuous integration, SCRUM, refactoring, and code standards)
  • Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code, BE /FE (Rails through to CSS/JS/HTML)
  • Create and maintain all aspects of application features including server-side logic and front-end UI.
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization
  • Drive continuous adoption and integration of relevant new technologies into the design
Don’t meet every single requirement?
Studies have shown that women and other marginalized groups are less likely to apply for jobs unless they meet every single qualification in the job posting. As a company committed to diversity and inclusion, if you don't check every box but do feel well suited for this role we strongly encourage you to apply. Diversity and inclusion at our company means fostering a workplace in which individual differences are recognized, appreciated, respected, and responded to in ways that fully develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths.


Why Minutebook?
We offer the usual competitive compensation, flexible remote working environment, and generous PTO… but the biggest benefit is that this is a unique opportunity to join a company at the ground level and really see your efforts make a difference. You will have the opportunity to both earn and/or purchase equity ownership in the company. You will be working closely with a multi-time technical founder on building a heavily funded fresh product that has the potential to 10x.

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