Ruby On Rails Developer

$100,000 - $169,000 USD yearly
Who Are We?
 Tenmás is a company headquartered in the United States with operations in Peru. We specialize in the placement and management of remote tech talent from Latin America for companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

What Are We Looking For?
 Tenmás is seeking a passionate and highly qualified Ruby On Rails Developer to work 100% remotely on a 2-month contract with a team in San Francisco, California.

Technical Requirements
  •  Understands Ruby On Rails best practices and has built and worked in Rails applications currently or in previous roles.
  •  Full stack engineer: Comfortable working across the entire software stack and using technologies that include, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Stimulus + Turbo, and light Javascript.
  •  Appreciates Automated Testing: You write automated tests to help ensure your code is working and to help limit unintended bugs in the future.
  •  System Design Mindset: You take the time to identify how your features fit within the system, thinking not just about the feature but about how it can be maintained.
Non-Technical Requirements
  •  English language required - Professional working proficiency.
  •  Product mindset: You think beyond each feature or line of code. You seek to understand the larger product vision and how each piece fits together.
  •  Customer empathy: You put yourself in the shoes of the user and strive to build experiences that delight and deliver value.
  •  Self-starter: You can operate with minimal direction and supervision, and are comfortable working in an unstructured environment.
  •  Proactive communicator: You aren’t afraid to ask questions, and you (over)communicate your progress, blockers, and plans.
Working Modality
  •  100% Remote
 Contract Duration
  •  This position is for a 2-month contract.

This job is closed.