Remote Mid-Level Ruby on Rails Developer

North America and South America
Time zones: EST (UTC -5),  CST (UTC -6),  MST (UTC -7),  PST (UTC -8),  AKST (UTC -9),  HST (UTC -10)

We're a small startup that loves to help car wash owners grow and expand their business via smarter marketing and automation!

We're growing and we have a lot of exciting things that we want to work on but could really use some extra help to make those happen. We're a fun bunch of people, we work fully remote, and we're based in Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii along with a few other places.

As far as a regular work week, we communicate via Basecamp and would have at least one call a week together to talk through things for the week. I might bring you on an additional call or two here and there but we understand the value of deep work and I want to give you that space.

We pride ourselves on being a lean team and making things happen for our customers. We're more focused on helping our customers and building solutions than perfection and that's important for everyone on the team.

As far as the technology goes:

We run a few different Ruby on Rails applications that help automate things for our customers and connect to various APIs and vendor platforms that our customers use.

- Vanilla Ruby on Rails - We like to keep things pretty standard and only introduce new tooling when it gives us some significant leverage, we're not about chasing the next shiny thing.
- We utilize Sidekiq and do a lot of background processing
- Our frontend Javascript setup is pretty simple, we're not using React or any shiny stuff. If we need some extra frontend functionality we reach for hotwire.
- We utilize Stripe for billing and charge a monthly subscription to our customers along with calculating some overage fees based on usage
- We like tests and test the things that matter but try to strike a balance between getting things done and testing as much as possible

What we’re looking for:

- Mid-level to advanced Rails developer, you should have a few years under your belt deploying to production
- English language proficiency
- A keen attention to detail
- Cares more about listening and solving for a solution instead of technical jargon when talking to stakeholders
- Full-time availability is a strong advantage

This is a contract position but we value relationships and working with people for the long term so ideally we can work together as long as it’s working for both of us. No agencies, looking for a direct long term relationship.

Please link to a few things your proud of and add a fun fact at the end so that I know you read the whole job post. Please also include a CV/resume and a link to your github/bitbucket account. 

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