Founding Engineer

United Kingdom, United Kingdom

We’re changing how the world buys homes 🏡 

The internet has made buying almost everything better: books, holidays, haircuts.
But buying a home is still a bit of a nightmare. You have to make decisions on budgets, which homes to view in which areas, which home to buy, how much to offer. Not to mention all the back-and-forth phone calls and transaction process of the home.
Homebuying is the experience that the internet forgot to improve. Which is crazy, as residential real estate is the world’s biggest asset class. Homes are worth 22x all the gold that humanity has ever mined. But you get a better experience when you buy a book for £10, than a home for 50,000x that.
We’re building Jitty to fix that.

It’s very early days 🐣

We’re currently a team of four. We’ve received funding from Gradient, Google’s AI fund, and a host of top VCs and angels. We’ve had coverage from Sky News, Property Week, and The Negotiator.
We’re building our MVP now. We expect to have it in customers hands within a month or so. Despite being early stage, we offer proper salaries, as well as meaningful equity.

Who you’ll be working with 🙈

Graham, CEO - previously of Wise, Deliveroo, and Connect Ventures
James, CPO - previously of Deliveroo, Freetrade, Habito, and Klarna.
Daniel, CTO - previously of Deliveroo, Duffel, and Hopin.
Rita, Founding Software Engineer - previously of Deliveroo, and Cleo
We’re hiring an engineer to join our founding team, based in the UK.

Our tech stack 👩‍💻

We’re using Ruby on Rails with Hotwire. We’ve chosen this because we know it well, and we’re confident we can ship a lot of great software quickly with this stack.
Whether you’re a Rails old hand, or it’ll be your first time using it, we welcome polyglots and people that can bring their diverse experience to the table. We care about building a codebase helps us ship with speed and that’s a joy to work in.
To start with, we’re building a web-app with a native wrapper to create mobile apps. We’ll move onto desktop web at some point in the next few years. We’re using LLMs and other machine learning algorithms paired with web crawlers to learn about all properties on the market.
As a founding engineer, you’ll be in a position to shape how we build now and in the future. This will involve working across the whole tech stack, and potentially jumping into new areas too as they arise.

How we work 🔮

We’re very early stage, which means we’re working a lot of things out. However, here is what we do know:
  • Fully remote, done properly: We’re based around the UK, and do the majority of our work asynchronously. We collaborate a lot, but don’t try to shoehorn in-person working into a remote team.
  • Meetings only on Tuesdays: Meetings harm productivity, but are a necessary part of collaboration. Rather than having “no meeting Wednesdays”, we have “meetings only on Tuesdays”. All recurring meetings happen on Tuesdays, so the rest of the week is optimised for getting stuff done.
  • 9-day fortnights: Working hard is hard, so we’re testing out 9-day fortnights. Every 2 weeks, everyone has Friday off.
  • Talk to users, and ship quickly: We believe in having high standards, and avoiding perfectionism. Only by speaking with users and putting software in their hands can we learn fast.
  • You decide your L&D: We have budgets for people, but aren’t fussy about where they’re used. You can buy books, online courses, and attend conferences as you see best. We trust our team.

How to apply ✍️

Send an email to hello@jitty.com and tell us:
  • a bit about your relevant experience building software
  • a bit about why you want to work in an early stage company
  • anything else that we should know 🙂
Please include your CV or LinkedIn profile to help explain the above too.

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